So much for attempting to blog on a regular basis as I was intending to. Made a first post and never did come back to it til now. Ah well, today is a new day!

I’ve been working on this particular quilt – using Julie Herman’s Skip the Borders book. If I could remember the name of the block… I’ll come back to it later once I find the book that is buried under WIPs, fabrics and notions.


This is not the final layout as I want to swap around the colours. I still have a few more blocks to go but I’m thinking of adding in fabrics other than Bari J’s Lillybelle, to make it bigger. I’d rather have it 4 by 5 blocks instead of 3 by 4. Need to have the ‘wrappage’ factor!  What about solids? Would that look odd? Feel free to sling me opinions and thoughts.

Anyhow, the girl beast is napping so I should take advantage of that and keep on truckin’. I’ll leave you with a sunrise view from our back door. 



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