First post!

So, here we are.  

Finally set up my own blog after thinking about it for a couple years.

I suppose a reason would be that it’s an outlet for me to be held accountable in finishing off my WIPs. My goal is to finish from start to end 5 quilts. No just completing tops, it has to be the ENTIRE quilt. 

We’ll also get back into our backcountry adventures this year now that I’m not pregnant and able to haul ass up and down a mountain. It’ll be truly wonderful to introduce our new daughter to the outdoors this year (or ‘next year’ as it’s not quite 2013 yet). Hard to believe she’ll be 1 in August. Seems like it was just yesterday that we found out that I was pregnant. Time really flies when kids are in the picture.

As for now, tomorrow will be all about making up our goals and dreams for 2013 🙂

Happy New Years to you all!!!

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